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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy Birthday, Janette Telimban, RN

She is God-fearing, calm, helpful, strong, kind, very caring, very loving and most of all, determined. She is also observant, loyal, intuitive and conservative. She will not trust a person directly at first meet, one should earn it in order to have her trust.

She is down-to-earth, patient and responsible. She is accommodating and treats every encounter with much importance.

She is very cautious in nature and do not rush on things directly. She thinks many times before she decides for she wants firm assurance that what she wants, she gets it in a good way.

She has a high sense of self-worth whom she relies on and she is confident with it. She always finds meaning in life that she takes much appreciation in everything she does and she is forever thankful to God for it.

She is elegantly the way she is, a glamorously beautiful woman with a wit and has a strong appeal of magnetic force that is in her, that one can not fanthom how she does or have it.  She does not dwell too much on others when one hurts her, rather she prays them over to God. Her perseverance and "willing heart" are the dominant signatures of her personality.  She is like a "wake-up call" to those who does not know God for she will lead you closer to God everyday.

She is just so lovely, tranquil, angelic and a wonderful person in and out for she always make her every encounter special once trust is earned.

She does not quit, rather she finds means in order to solve a problem. Her elegance, grace and great smiles defines her being a "fighter".

The person who extraordinarily introduces me to the world of full of optimism is no other than my ever dearest friend, adviser and great listener at all times ---- Janette Telimban, RN.

And now, this wonderful woman who is forever admirable is now in the loving arms of "Papa P" who is indeed very "lucky" and even the "luckiest" for he has a very beautiful "Janette" who will walk with him in God and who can spend life with him fruitfully and prayerfully. Now hear him say:

This couple are the happiest!!!

Happy birthday sa pinaka gwapa na bae sakong life, you know how much i love you naman. I hope mag enjoy ka sa imung birthday bisan wala ko, and i wish that more birthday and blessings to come. I love you so much akong luv and i miss you so. Take care always. Mwah.😘😘😘 ---- Ephraim Afable (aka. Papa P)

And your G-Force Family would like to extend their greetings:

Happy birthday janette!! Stay pretty and humble.. Makitan na unta tka naka jeans or nka shorts hahaha. God bless you and more blessings to come... ---- Teddy ----

Hai janette .
Happy happy birthDay 😘
Tiguwange nasa kaw . HAHAHA Bitaw jan. I wish you nothing but the best, stay beautiful inside and out, stay kind and humble and ailso stay maria clara aura HAHAHA 😘😘 lablab . ❤️ thank you for being a good friend. Hhhmmmm good health and more blessings to come :)))
Thanks for the friendship jaaaaaaaaaanetteee 😘😘😘😘  lablab ❤️
---- Cylyn ----

Hi Jan, it's your day today. I wish u all the best in life. A blissful year ahead, a successful career, good health, stronger reLationship with your love of your life, and of course to more birthdays to celebrate. Enjoy your day and stay beautiful inside and out. Keep the strong faith in God. Happy happy birthday!! I love u and i muss you. 😘😘😘😘 see u when i see you. Hehehehe 😘😘💖
---- Marry-An ----

Happy birthday janette telimban 😀 you are blessed by many people that loved you ! I am blessed to be friend with u .. my memories with u is very precious to me .. i missed you dai .. its been a while since we last saw each other 😢 hope to see u soon friendship 😘
Your beautiful friend,
Jessa (hahaha) 😆

Dear Janette,
Thank you very, very much. That is what I always wanted to tell you. You have been my witness of all my life's stories, through my ups and even more to my downs. You have been my "listening ear" when I am in doubts and confused on what to do. And you never shun to to extend your open arms in advicing me on what to do, even to the point of always sheltering me with prayers.

Thank you for the "pray over" that we, two, ask in prayers all that we want to God for guidance, protection and more blessings. Thank you very much for the kind of person you are for making me always believe that there is great "hope" even at times when I feel like the world keeps on pressing me down. Thank you very much for wiping my tears and putting me in the path of reality that indeed life displays no walls, but in sacrificing, I am able to go on to wait for the sun to shine, bringing its good news and to let the good tidings of the wind to blow all my pains away. Thank you for the moment that I was able to share all my fears, worries, sadness and aches that out from this messy world, I come to know my strength that I can independently survive and that I can say that "I can" and not "I can not".

Thank you very much that for every person you encounter, you let us know about God and His great love for all of us. You made me realize that I will not depend on my know-how, but at all sorts, putting my trust to the "Almighty Father" what makes life worth living for.

Thank you very much for your "helpful heart" that never selects to reach out to people especially those who needs your help. Thank you for making me elegant at the "grandest" moment of my life where there are countless crowds counting on my talent on stage. They just do not know that you were the "silent make-up artist" on that success of my life.

I thank God for letting me encounter such a glamorous person and ever humble person and top the list, the most prayerful YOU.

I have learned a lot from you and I will not forget that on my success of passing the NLE, you were the ones I run for help. Thank you very much.

I now understand why God lets me encounter such a person like you ---- to let me tighten more my encounter with Him and to find hope out from life's whirlwind challenges each day of my life. I, thank you.

Thank you too to your "other-half", Papa P, HH (Ephraim Afable) for I find also my home to the both of you. I love you both. :-)

Thank you, Jan. I love you and Happy Birthday!!!

Thank you for all these memories... :-)

And I know there are lots of memories to create from the three of us. These are just random pics (above) that I can not forget. :-) 

Happy Birthday Jan!


Ate Arleen :-)
January 06, 2017, a Friday

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy Birthday, Marry-An Morales, RN!

January 01, 2017, this very exact date sets the happiest moment of this "gorgeous" and "beautiful" woman as she celebrate her "Happy Birthday".

We cross each other's path and became friends way back 2012 of June in our tertiary years and she is a part of our so-called "G-Force Family".

This "strong" woman is ever firm in her decisions, finds meaning in life amidst its ups and downs and creatively tops "fashion" at any sorts. At first, one thinks twice of approaching her for she is so quiet, but when you carry first a conversation with her, she is extremely will ride on. On the other hand, she doesn't quit in life and in fact, she finds ways and means how to solve life's problems. She always thinks of her family and thier welfare. Her perseverance makes her extraordinarily wonderful for she has her own ways of dealing on things. And that sucesses in her life now, she really nailed it.

I can freshly remember those times that we sat together as she shares her problems/life's story. And I can say, she's one of the "bravest" woman I know for she never surrender to follow her dreams and look at her now, she is even a "Registered Nurse". All her hardships are paid off.

Her beauty brings out her good personality. She simply has her own style in dealing with things and one will be amazed to find out, discovering that out from her being simple lies the spirit of a "girl power". She is indeed optimistic to face countless challenges in her life no matter how heavy the depths of that weight are.

She is simple, understanding, kind, caring, creative, mellow and cool, flexible and beautiful. She is adaptable, diligent, independent, inventive, patient, reserved, versatile and warm-hearted. She always makes every encounter comfortable. Her wonderful smile and her "twinkling" eyes speak what her inner self has in store for all of us. This "amazing" person who is "confidently beautiful with a heart" is celebrating her BIG Birthday,  today, is no other than one of our G-Force family - Marry-An Morales, RN.

We love you, An! Extended greetings are from:

 Hi ann, Happy New Year and Happy  Birthday! May your life be filled with blessings and guidance of our Lord. May God bless you more. Keep trusting Him and dont forget to pray and thank Him in your ups and downs. :) I miss you dai. Love you. 😊😊😊 ---- Janette ----

Happy birthday ann. Take care always and see you at polymedic if mag sapon ta. Haha. --- Ephraim ----

 To ann:
"Kanang, kusog mutxt/muchat ug "aha ko? Ang amiga nga  makig laag pag day-off lang niya (usually day-off magpahulay unta HAHAHA!), kanang Amiga nga magkasinabot when it comes shopping Hahaha😂😂😊 Annn, Happiest Birthday! Thank you sa tanang kaayo. dili nko mag drama, kay U know na who you are to me. Again, Happy Happy Birthday. Love you.❤️ ---- Aiza ----

 Happy birthday ann! Hoping you all the best in life! Stay happy and pretty.. Stay kind and humble. I love you bes! ---- Teddy ----

 Hai ann :))))
Bayooot tigulang naka hahaha
Bitaw happy 42nd birthday hahaha
I wish you nothing but the best . Stay beautiful and kind.
Promise bayaran nku akong 240 nga utang dzaii hahaha sorry kaayu . Lablab.
Thank you for the friendship ann .
I love you muaaah 😊😊😊😊
--- Cylyn ----

 Happy birthday dai ann ☺ enjoy your day .. nxtym nta magtipok2x pag dili na busy .. thank you sa mga kabuang og sa friendship .. love u dai .. ❤️ --- Jessa ----

Dear An,
God has always been so greatful to let us encounter people we meet each day. You are one of those whose purpose made me realize that indeed life is so wonderful to live with friends. Thank you for the opportunity to walk with me as I journey through this life. Thank you for being my "listening ear" everytime I feel that the world is against me. Thank you for the advices and the concern. Thank you for one of those persons whom I entrusted to open up my life story. The road of life is not sweet, but I know you can better kick off all those unwanted trials that harm your state of balance with your bravery and perseverance. I have known all your sacrifices and I have felt what is truly in your heart. I salute you for taking the lead to look over the welfare of your family and to stood for them even at the turmoultous times of need. Now, that another year adds up to your growth, I wish you all the best --- happiness, good health and bountiful blessings. I love you and Happy Birthday! --- Ate Arleen ----

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Happy Birthday Tetet!

It was 19th of March 2016 at Ton Ton's "Thanksgiving Party" that we first met you. All of us were actually quite timid to approach you (a typical reaction of seeing a person for the first time) because we do not actually know how to carry a conversation with you probably because we are so much conscious of our English (nosebleeding syndrome). But luckily, we survived to commune with you. Knowing you, we discovered that you are indeed a very "cool" person. You can get along with us easily, without shyness and so friendship was built.

Your stay here in the Philippines is just limited and we pretty understand on that moment that sooner or later, you will go back home. But through those times, we have shared the kind of friendship that seems we are friends for a long time even before we met. And now, you are absolutely part of the Family, the Gorgeous-Force (G-Force) Family. Your time spent with us are full of fun, smiles, laughters, happiness and nothing but merely enjoyment all day long. No one can stole that moment from us.

Remember the time that we had the "Spin-the-Bottle" activity, that was indeed a blast! Our encounter with you heightened and deepened as each of us discover our individual differences and struggles through that "memorable" game.

Remember your first...
Cake with us and the native bracelet as remembrance

Card of gratitude from us...

Happy Birthday, Tetet! Bro, hope there are more memories of you to tell, together with us. Wishing you the happiness this world could ever give, good health and long life to live. Eventhough you are far yet we are just so near. We love you, Bro! Happy Birthday! :-)

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The mind can perceive, the body can not achieve

People always hope for good health. They are conscious on what to eat, what to drink or what to do in order to attain good health. Others expels out sweat to exercise. But in reality, no matter how people eagerly hope to reside in a healthy lifestyle, still it is quite "impossible" to attain the equilibrium.

I am in the verge of wanting to do something, but my body clamors rest. My mind tells me to do this and that, but I just can't. Hate to equate this as fever and colds. I am not loving it and my only remedy ---water therapy.

Christmas Party with my G-Force Family 2016

There are lots to be grateful for in life and mine is spending my time with my "wonderful" Gorgeous-Force (G-Force) family as we celebrate our "simple" Christmas Party last December 20, 2016.

Getting the opportunity to be with my friends is always a wonderful experience for I come know how they are doing. We crossed each other's path way back 2012 when we were still schooling in our tertiary years and now, most of us already graduated and have jobs. It is so nice to know how we personally grow fruitfully, individually. That is why, countless chats of shared experiences fills the four corners of the room and I am loving it.

December 20, 2016 is one of the special day for me because I am extra glad to see them. Smiles, laughters, "His or Hellos" are unstoppable and indeed unbreakable. There are so much that we have talked and learning from that experience gloriously gladdens my heart. It is good to hear that they are pretty much okay.

The essence of the Christmas party is the "togetherness" of having each other.  Though the gifts and the food are always part of the main event, but the highlight are the happiness on each of our face that reaches even on the other side of the globe, and for me, that is priceless.

Creating memories with friends are the ones I hold on living and cherishing as long as I live. They are my family and I love them dearly. In totality, they are the best gift that is happening also in my life. That is why, Christmas is absolutely best when shared with the people we love and I just did.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Proper Placement of Furniture

The home connotes comfort and ease in living. The health of the family depends on the home and how each of the furniture serves comfort as the main priority for family members to move with delight.

One of the main focus of a home is to consider the space and how large the number of member living in it. In this way, it is then easy to place furniture in their proper arrangement and setting.

It is required that you should allow 48 to 100 inches between the side chairs and sofa, but if you want a closer distance and if you are comfortable with that space, then move closer. The use of coffee table in front of the sofa requires 14 to 18 inches but if you have short arms of legs, you can adjust the table. On the other hand, for television watching, it should be placed at 3 times the size of the screen. But in terms of big screens, 3 times the size of the screen should be in the next room. Three feet of space is recommended for traffic lanes. But if you have large family members or lots of kids, it is recommended to allow extra foot for safety for your furniture and for your family members. Furthermore, an average adult needs a depth of 20 inches for a dining room chair, plus 16 inches to scoot back the chair back from the table. At the dining table, you should allow 24 inches per person or more. If your family tends to gesture as they eat, allow another 6 inches. Moreover, in order to serve your guests, allow 46 inches between the wall and the dining table. But or ideal bed placement, allow at least 24 inches between the bed and the wall to get out of bed comfortably and allow 36 inches between the end of the bed and the bedroom or bathroom door.

This healthy home tips adds happiness to your living as all share spaces in moving and coming in and out of those spaces. This gives members and guests the direct movements as they collaborate to give and take.
For technologies

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My cat needs a house.

I love my cat and because I love him so much, he is very spoiled. One day, I found out that he is sleeping at the top of our refrigerator. Of course, I found it very inappropriate. Though I take him to bath everyday but I believe that he has lots of germs as well.

The next day, I decided to build him his own house where he could sleep. I don’t have him to stay at the ref all the time because it is not a good idea (aside from the infestation of his feathers that would cause germs to scatter).

As a result, I don’t have anything to do but to take pictures of him. This now explains.